Counting Kisses

Sometimes I overhear the funniest things at the library.

It was a quiet day in the children’s area today. There were two little girls that were probably around five or six years old. One of the girls came with her father and the other was with her mother.

The girls warmed up to each other quickly and the new-found friends decided to sit together in one of the two reading pods. One of the girls asked the other “Do you want to read a book?” The other girl responded by admitting that she didn’t know how to read. Nonetheless, a book was chosen from the shelf nearby and the girl who could read began reading aloud with great enthusiasm.

She read the text on page: “My tired little baby do you need a kiss?” and then described the accompanying picture “The mama is holding the baby and the baby is crying. Oh no!”

She turned the page and continued reading “ten little kisses on teeny tiny toes” and elaborating “the mama is kissing all of the baby’s toes.” A few pages later she read “eight squishy kisses on chubby, yummy knees” and commentated “Now the daddy is kissing the baby on her knees and the baby’s giggling.”

After a few minutes of this the father of the girl who was reading called out to her with concern in his voice “Hey! Is that really what the book is saying?” He stood up from his seat and walked toward the girls exclaiming “There’s too much kissing going on!”

When he looked at the book he smiled and said with surprise “Oh, that is what the book is saying.”

The girls were reading Counting Kisses by Karen Katz which is about a family who tries to soothe a baby by showering her with kisses until she falls asleep. The two parents shared a laugh and I couldn’t help but laugh with them!

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